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D2D London Twitter Account

- Bio:An interactive Twitter account, trying to tweet the best of London and many other things..., run by D2D London. We are currently the 1st friendliest account in the UK and in the top 100 worldwide. No individual or organisation in the UK has ever been as interactive as us on Twitter.

- We pride ourselves in running very interactive social media accounts ( Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.. etc) that are pioneering in our industry and hope to inspire others to join / follow / copy us.

- All active non-spam followers will be followed back very soon. We do not autofollow back. unfollowers will be unfollowed almost immediately.

- We follow inspiring active tweeps we deem of added value to our account from the UK and across the world, mainly on the expectation that they will follow back.

- We tweet & retweet our followers regularly. Contact us / tweet us via Twitter & get engaged with 400 K followers from Twitterville

- We offer the opportunity to advertise your business, message or link to our huge followers base, who are real people from the UK and across the globe and willing to adopt promotional campaigns. Please email us your offer!

- We will keep updating this page with various widgets that will improve interactivity & pleasure of social media orientated followers & customers.

- We do not monitor Direct Messages (DMs) sent to us. Please email or tweet us.

D2D London Hashtags on Twitter 

- We run several hashtags ( # ) on Twitter to group similar tweets for easy follow and retrieval. They all start with D2D. Examples of our recent hashtags:

#D2D_Olympics : 4 various 2012 London Olympic & Paralympic Games' news & pictures from different sources.

#D2D_LT : (New) 4 recent topics trending on London timelines.

#D2D_Fake : (New) 4 naming and shaming Twitter users who resort regularly to fake followers that come to our attention, especially among competitors on the top. Please use this hashtag freely or ask us if you want to confirm a FAKER.

#D2D : 4 news associated with D2D London.

#D2D_London : 4 news and images related to London ( The source will be specified).

#D2D_Quote : 4 various interesting quotes, of wisdom or inspirational, from across the net & in-house.

#D2D_Fun : 4 various funny quotes or jokes, from across the net and in-house.

#D2D_FF : 4 our Follow Friday/ Follow back followers that we suggest and promote to other tweeps. Its our biggest hit sofar

#D2D_Fact : 4 miscellaneous facts from across the web that may grab the interest of our followers.

#D2D_Tip : 4 our suggested tips on how to run a successful Twitter account, gain followers and other related matters. Please ask 4 a tip using this hashtag

#D2D_Ad : 4 ads sponsored by other tweeps, businesses & companies who want to share and/or benefit from the exposure to our great followers. Email us if you want to be tweeted under this tag.

#D2D_ : Other hashtags may be adopted and we are open for suggestion.


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